Mock Trials of The Freedom Fighters

The freedom fighters.
These series of activities provide students with great opportunities to carry out extensive research of a topic of interest. 

During the activities they read and write for a real purpose 

They plan and manage a group task over time using different levels of planning 

They take part in speaking and listening activities and in role play . 

They work as part of various groups e.g. as individual, in pairs, in small groups, class and whole school. 

They work to a deadline. 

They learn about various jobs in the justice department they could do in the future. 


1.    Press release of pending case

2.   Court proceeding steps

3.   Court hearing rules

4.   Court room vocabulary

5.   Sample court notes – Mock trial

The daily Echo

Sensational news story! 

History overturned?

The trial of the freedom fighters, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela is set to go ahead amidst strong opposition from high government quarters. 

The Daily Echo has learnt that defence lawyers are preparing to overturn history when they move to acquit the defendants of all charges levied against them by the state in an unprecedented legal move. 

The freedom fighters were accused of offences against the government and state but a defence lawyer in the case had this to say ‘It is absurd that people cannot fight for their rights in the democratic world we live in’. 

The key question now is will the lawyers be able to overturn history and get the defendants acquitted and discharged on all counts? The defence team claim to have hundreds of witnesses lined up. 

The trials begin next week at The ABC Old Bailey.

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