Thursday, 10 May 2012

Momo Daughter of The Sea

1.    Princess Iyomon describes her first sight of the sea as captivating and crippling at the same time. Describe a time when you saw something for the first time, this could be the sea or any other thing that fascinated or scared you.

The first time I flew a kite

The first time I flew a kite was a truly epic moment for me, as it was one of the most gleeful moments in my life (maybe everyone else’s too), the feeling as it soared into the upper atmosphere and maybe beyond was simply indescribable.

It was during the (everlasting) celebration of my brothers (seventh) birthday, we had just came back from the cinema and were fully balanced with ying and yang, also set and ready to go Peckham Rye park; shortly, we grabbed a refreshing snack and went to the park.

When we got there I just had to run around (like it was my natural instinct). When my dad finally fixed the kite together, you could almost say it was a piece of art and almost too precious to fly, but alas we did any way; now I could see it almost 50 meters in the sky, when all of a sudden I could see the string gliding in the opposite direction, (whilst my brother was holding it!!) it began sliding around the floor almost as if it was ambling through the sky.

In that moment, a rush of distress had befallen me and in the next, I was chasing my brother around the spacious park with a murderous look on my face, but then I realised I could take his for compensation (and break it)!! A strong surging wind soon paid put to my plan, it simply whished the colourful kite into the atmosphere; the colourful sky dazzled us all so much I was spellbound for what seemed ages..

Overall this experience was exhilarating and compensateful, one never to forget, careless brother or not.


Lesson evaluation: I loved this lesson as it was challenging finding the right words to express my anger towards my brother.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Princess Iyomon's Market Activities

Task: Imagine you are the Market Ikeki, design a poster to inform people about an important upcoming event.
Boys and girls are you under the age of 15?
Then get ready to fill your stomach with red and green juicy mangoes on August 23rd at Ikeki Market.
There will be a competition to see who can eat the most mangoes in 10 minutes.
To be a winner, make sure you do not eat before the event as you will be full and would not be able to finish all your mangoes or you could get very sick.
First prize: If you come first you will win 5 bags of coniine shells plus 50 gold coins
Second prize: If you come second you will win 10 gold coins worth of dried meat, bush meat and fish
Third prize: If you come third you will win 10 bags of a bundle of red yam
For more information call the Ikeki on 0793398101 or email him at
Twitter: Oba@twiz
Facebook: IkekiMarket
Task 3: What different jobs can you identify in Iyomon's market.                      
Market day
Question: What different jobs can you identify in Iyomon’s market. 
1.     Allocating spaces for pitches and stalls on a first come first served bases to all traders.
2.     Keep everyone up to date with latest information from the palace.
3.     Provide Edo citizens with information about major events like vaccination and inoculation.
4.     Ensure health and safety of all during market time.
5.     Keep an eye on children getting lost
6.     Make sure that all the traders keep the market place clean and tidy and clean up after themselves after trading.
7.     Investigate any strange faces and ask them their intentions in the market, report to the king and chiefs about any suspicious people.
8.     Keep law and order in the market, make sure there is no fighting or they will be fined.
9.     Give information to the king and palace chiefs on important developments in the market.
10.                        Be the king’s eye in the market.
11.                        Make sure everyone is cheerful and happy.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Reviewing Other's work

LO: To write a review of others’ work
Title: Exports and Imports in the kitchen
Author: KK
Reviewer: MM
Summary: This article is about where food is transported from in N’s kitchen.
Review: I thought this article was pretty good and I like the way it is set out and finding out where it came from. I also enjoyed seeing how the items are imported; for example by sea or road. However, I did not like the fact that near the end it seemed to look like she did not bother to write it as well as she wrote the first few bits of it.
What I liked about the article
I liked the powerful adjectives used in the article and how it is set out.  I also liked the descriptive language.
 What I thought could be improved: 
I thought that near the end it seemed to look like the author could not be bothered to write properly (Pasta = wheat, water). So next time, she needs to put more pride into her work. The worst thing was she did not follow the LO.
Overview: Altogether, I thought the writing was good but there’s room for improvement.
·        She could have used better punctuation like colon instead of equal.
·        She could have structured her work using bullet points.

Task 1 : To write a review of someone’s work.
Title: exporting and importing
Author:  ZZ       
Reviewer: XX

Summary:  This article was written by Nadira Ali and is about importing and exporting food. Nadira looked around her kitchen and listed the food items she could find and where they came from. She also included how the different foods travelled to each country, for an example, by sea, road and air.
What did I like about this piece of writing?
What I liked about this piece of writing is that she listed the food items in her house and wrote how the foods travelled to each country. She also included lots of punctuation and she did not just write one country that the food came from; instead she listed lots of different countries e.g.  Cuba, Florida and Hawaii.
What could she have done to improve this piece of writing?
In order to improve this piece of writing she could have listed some different items as well as just food items, such as, fridges, ovens, dishwashers and freezer. Another useful thing she could have included in this piece of work are what countries the food might have passed on the way and the seas that it might have crossed on the way too. She used numbering  at the beginning and should have carried on with numbering for the rest of the work, she needs to plan what she’s going to do before she does it and instead of using the equal sign all the time, she could be a bit professional and insert a semi colon.
In my opinion, she’s done a good piece of work but it could have been even better; there’s room for improvement and that’s why I personally believe that this piece of work should be marked as a level 3.
LO: To write a review of others’ work
Title: Exports and Imports in the kitchen
Author: VV.
Reviewer: IT
Brief summary: This piece of work is about food and items that is imported from N’s Kitchen
 What was good about this piece of work?
I like the way she set out her work and included where each food is from. I also liked how she used commas for her listing of the countries.
What she could have improved on:
First of all, she did not follow the LO: to import food and items, she listed food only and left out other items in the kitchen e.g. fridge, microwave oven, cooker, table and other things. She could have included names of the seas and countries the items went past on the way to this country. She should have used colon instead of equal.
LO: To write a review of others’ work
Title: Exports and Imports
Author: JJ
Reviewer: SS

Summary: This work is about N’s kitchen and where the food comes from and also how it is imported into the country She used: sugar, bread, salt, rice, and pasta).
What I liked
I like the way N met the task as well as how she listed more than one country for example sugar canes from Cuba, Florida, Hawaii and Brazil.
What she could have improved on
I think that N did a good job but she could have used better punctuation, for instance semicolon instead of = sign.. She could have included more specific information What countries passed, she should have used longer sentences and read over her work to if it makes sense. Plus she should have followed the criteria for what she had to do.
All in all, I think N did a good job but there is a little room for improvement. I would award this work a level 3b.
LO: to write a review of someone else’s workIll!
Article written by XX
Reviewed by ZZ

The article is well written as the writer gave the background to the story. She set out the article very well describing how she was ill and what happened at different times using paragraphs.  She introduced the story very well and develops it up to the end when she started to feel better.
All in all, it was a very well written article as it almost made me feel as if I wanted to jump into the picture.
Good work!
Love and wish
Love: I liked the descriptions, vocabulary and the languages she used in the story for example ‘worst pinging headache’.

Wish: I wished she had used more interesting similes, more outstanding punctuations and adjectives and even included more writing.

 LO: To follow one of the links and summarise main points from your reading
Summary of Rained In!
Princess Iyiomon was glad to have so many people in the Palace who can help her and tell her stories as it was raining heavily outside. They were so many people in the Palace because of the rain and others were conducting their business around the Palace than doing it around town.
Princess Iyiomon has now learnt how to play the game of Ayo, songs for hide and seek games and also learnt stories from her mum and the queen such as the foreign visitors to the Benin.
During this time, Princess Iyiomon also learnt and heard achievements from her great ancestors. She quite likes being rained in because of all the new things she gets to learn.    
To read one of the works and write what you liked about it and what can be improved.
The work that I’m going to be writing about is a piece of work written by N.A who wrote a postcard to her best friend Uwa about visiting her maternal granddad.
What do I like about this piece of writing?
The thing that I liked about this piece of writing is that she used a range of adjectives and described what she had done when she got there, which was plucking mangoes and paw-paw. I also like that she described how she got there as living hell and also that her mother brought extra stuff with her which was pretty annoying.
What could she have done to improve this piece of writing?
There are not many things to be improved on but what I would suggest is that she could have said how she was feeling when she arrived and whether it had taken a long time to get there and also if there were any embarrassing things that happened when she got there and described how her granddads house might have looked inside.

Lo: to write a review of other’s work.
Title: My favourite food
Author: YY
Reviewer: QQ
This work is about W.A liking for chicken and chips and how he describes it and states that you will love it even if you hate fried food.
What I liked
I liked the W.A actually accomplished his task, used various amounts of punctuation such as semi colons, commas and apostrophes. He also used descriptive language for instance the golden succulent crispy taste.
What he should improve on
W.A did a good job but in future he should try to make his writing longer by adding more detail to engage the reader.
I personally think that W.A did an excellent job but at the same time, there is a room for improvement at his level.  I would award this work a level 3b.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Edo Calendar Seasons

Read this post and complete:

Edo Calendar Seasons

Task 4: Create a birthday calendar of all the children in your class. Include their star signs

Number of children
Star sign
Capricorn the goat – 22nd December -20th January:
diligent, ambitious, does not mind which way they go so long as they are successful
Aquarius the water carrier- 21st January- 18th February :
Friendly, kind, love new ideas


Pisces the fish – 19th February – 20th March :  
Loving, sensitive, talented, sympathetic great listener, Loves water

Aries the ram- 21st March - 20th April:
Loves action packed activities, is energetic and confident;




Taurus the bull - April 21st – May 21st:
reliable, dependable, loving, industrious. Loves cooking
Gemini  the twins – May 22nd – June 21st :
Clever, flexible, good orator, loves having a good time

Cancer the crab - 22nd June - 22nd July:
Emotional, sympathetic, loving. Loves the water.
Leo the lion- 23rd July – 23rd August:
Generous, kind, warm, hearted, creative, loyal. Could be a fashion icon (loves dressing up)


Virgo the virgin – 24th August – 22nd September :
Practical, shy, reliable, dependable. Loves designing and making

Libra the scales- 23rd September – 23rd October:
 Romantic, charming, easy going. Very fashionable, trend setter



Scorpio the scorpion  October 24th  - November 22nd:
 Passionate, determined, ambitious, passionate. Likes a good challenge.

Sagittarius the bow carrier  - 23rd November - 21st December:
Good humoured, clever, honest. Loves solving problems

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Disappointed activities part 2

Read the blog:

Task 2.Draw an imagined picture of Prince Ehizogie.

Task 5: Occupying your day!!
After princess Iyomon was left behind, she says ‘Got to go to find something else to occupy me for the day now (drag!). Write a list of the possible activities she could do to occupy you day.

Dear Princess Iyomon,
Here  is a list of things you could do to occupy your day:

1)    Read a book telling you how you could be the perfect royal hunter in history and maybe try out a few of the tips, but not the hard ones.

2)    Try something new, for an example, experience how it feels to go snail hunting in the forest like what the other girls do.

3)    Have another go, and try to distract palace attendant Oko, so that you, princess Iyomon and Ehizogie can be left alone and you can try to complete the plan without any distractions from Oko. 

4)    Do a nice and calm activity such as, going boat riding with Uwa (your best friend) and pick up a few fishes on the way for lunch.

5)    Bake a banana cake and share it with the people you like.

6)    Make some plans for your next birthday celebration and give this information to the palace information office so that it can be announced in the market place.

7)    Play a game of pretend bakers with Uwa and probably make her a mud pie with a berry from a tree on the top, this would be very imaginative.

8)    Be a bit cheeky and spy to see where prince Ehizogie hides his secret store keys.

9)    Have a laugh and put on a talent show for all the palace attendants and the king’s wives. You have to think hard about the sort of talent show that your audience would like to see otherwise this could be a flop. Contortions perhaps? This could be a good laugh!

10) Try and participate in one of the activities going on in the hunting party.

11) Go and fetch pure water from many of the kingdom’s springs to prove to Oko that princess Iyomon can do something way better than he can do. Fresh cold spring water always works wonders to a dry throat; I bet you will have many around the palace.

12) You can make up a song of what a stressful day you’ve had.

13) Go to Uwa’s house to have a sleepover.

14) Help your mother cook the most delicious meal ever. You need to plan this carefully.

15) Have a nice game of truth or dare with either Uwa or Odigie.

16)   Or, the best thing to do is to have a nice and peaceful sleep to put your mind at rest.

I hope you have a fun day!

Best wishes.