Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Disappointed activities part 2

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Task 2.Draw an imagined picture of Prince Ehizogie.

Task 5: Occupying your day!!
After princess Iyomon was left behind, she says ‘Got to go to find something else to occupy me for the day now (drag!). Write a list of the possible activities she could do to occupy you day.

Dear Princess Iyomon,
Here  is a list of things you could do to occupy your day:

1)    Read a book telling you how you could be the perfect royal hunter in history and maybe try out a few of the tips, but not the hard ones.

2)    Try something new, for an example, experience how it feels to go snail hunting in the forest like what the other girls do.

3)    Have another go, and try to distract palace attendant Oko, so that you, princess Iyomon and Ehizogie can be left alone and you can try to complete the plan without any distractions from Oko. 

4)    Do a nice and calm activity such as, going boat riding with Uwa (your best friend) and pick up a few fishes on the way for lunch.

5)    Bake a banana cake and share it with the people you like.

6)    Make some plans for your next birthday celebration and give this information to the palace information office so that it can be announced in the market place.

7)    Play a game of pretend bakers with Uwa and probably make her a mud pie with a berry from a tree on the top, this would be very imaginative.

8)    Be a bit cheeky and spy to see where prince Ehizogie hides his secret store keys.

9)    Have a laugh and put on a talent show for all the palace attendants and the king’s wives. You have to think hard about the sort of talent show that your audience would like to see otherwise this could be a flop. Contortions perhaps? This could be a good laugh!

10) Try and participate in one of the activities going on in the hunting party.

11) Go and fetch pure water from many of the kingdom’s springs to prove to Oko that princess Iyomon can do something way better than he can do. Fresh cold spring water always works wonders to a dry throat; I bet you will have many around the palace.

12) You can make up a song of what a stressful day you’ve had.

13) Go to Uwa’s house to have a sleepover.

14) Help your mother cook the most delicious meal ever. You need to plan this carefully.

15) Have a nice game of truth or dare with either Uwa or Odigie.

16)   Or, the best thing to do is to have a nice and peaceful sleep to put your mind at rest.

I hope you have a fun day!

Best wishes.


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