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Odigie the boy apprentice

Read about life of an Edo boy through Odigie's apprenticeship description.
1.Compare how your education differs from Odigie's

Comparing Odigie the palace apprentice’s education to mine.
I am at school in 2012 whereas one hundred and twenty four years ago Odigie the Edo palace apprentice was being trained by his father. There is a hundred years difference; therefore we should have a lot of differences.

The ways we learn
In 2012 we get taught by teachers in a school that our parents choose for us but Odigie had to accompany his dad to his place of learning. In 2012 even in this instance I am using new technology: we use pencils, pens, paper, rulers and colouring pencils (that all schools should own), Odigie did not use these.

The way Odigie was taught.
Odigie: did not do any writing on paper or on the computer, he had no PE lessons, he has no hi-technology; he did not have to use pencils, rulers or pens to do maths, English or science instead he trained in an apprenticeship to be a chief. Also he participated in competitions to become a local celebrity, taking part in contortion and masquerading, we have to do so in a school.

What is the same between me and Odigie’s education is that we are both learning for a trade and we both get taught. One other important point is that, we both have entertainment and have lots of fun learning and growing up.

In conclusion, my overview is that training for trade is a very important part of all young children education and growing up. Although in Odigie times it was a very good system, I personally prefer today’s easier methods, because of: internet and mobile phones, etc.


Comparing Odigie the palace apprentice education to mine.
Odigie the palace apprentice was being trained in the19th century whereas I am being trained with new technology in the 21stcentury.124 years have gone past; therefore there would be a great amount of differences in the way we learn.

 Odigie would not have had the technology we have now when he was training, he would have probably had the technology of leading and creating and being an apprentice of the palace he would also probably have had more ways of learning than an ordinary boy in his day.

Odigie walked to his training place like we do now but did not have to wear uniform like we do! Odigie could wear whatever he liked as it did not matter then as it matters nowadays (uniforms). He probably did not learn to read or write on paper in his training when learning how to be a chief; we have to learn to read and write nowadays at school whatever we want to become when we are older.

Odigie was one of 12 children in total in his family; I only have two brothers not twelve. He would have had other expert chiefs and his father to learn from at the palace; I have my teachers at school and parents at home to learn from.

In conclusion my view is - because we have new technologies like internet, we can learn more than Odigie could have ever learnt.

Comparing Odigie the palace apprentice education to mine
Odigie, the palace apprentice, was training many years ago in about one hundred and twenty four years ago; whereas, we are in the time period 2012 so therefore there should be a variety of similarities and differences towards our education and learning that we receive.

Ways we learn. (School children)
Learning is different in this time period and the reasons why, is because, for an example, children take in learning from their teachers whereas Odigie takes his father’s guidance to eventually become an iwebo chief.

Also the technology was different then, because such things as an interactive white board were not in existence and they would probably have had to use a black board or something else to work on. Another thing about their learning was that they did not have to do all the SATS and other tests that we do in this century. They would do other activities such as entering competitions, doing sports or other activities to do with learning.
The way Odigie learnt in 1888
Odigie learnt in a different way because, he did not have all the sorts of technology that we have these days, but he did have things to help him follow his dreams which was to become an iwebo chief. Some of the things that helped him follow his dreams were: having lots of different things he could learn, going to the palace for apprenticeship, entering competitions and also he followed his learning expert – which was his father.

Summing up paragraph
In conclusion, my view is that, children can achieve many skills that can help them be successful in their adulthood and once you have the skill you can go on to do many things in life like get a good job. In my opinion, I would say that in these days, children have plenty of technology that can help them in all areas such as computers - which has a variety of different learning activities to do, books- that can open you up to a wider imagination, I pads, phones and plenty other things that can help children all over the world.


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  1. Hello Miss Nimmons, I don't know if you remember me but, I'm Stefania, you were my teacher in 2012-2013 at Bellender. I remembered the day you said that you might write a book. I was just wondering if you wrote it already?