Thursday, 10 May 2012

Momo Daughter of The Sea

1.    Princess Iyomon describes her first sight of the sea as captivating and crippling at the same time. Describe a time when you saw something for the first time, this could be the sea or any other thing that fascinated or scared you.

The first time I flew a kite

The first time I flew a kite was a truly epic moment for me, as it was one of the most gleeful moments in my life (maybe everyone else’s too), the feeling as it soared into the upper atmosphere and maybe beyond was simply indescribable.

It was during the (everlasting) celebration of my brothers (seventh) birthday, we had just came back from the cinema and were fully balanced with ying and yang, also set and ready to go Peckham Rye park; shortly, we grabbed a refreshing snack and went to the park.

When we got there I just had to run around (like it was my natural instinct). When my dad finally fixed the kite together, you could almost say it was a piece of art and almost too precious to fly, but alas we did any way; now I could see it almost 50 meters in the sky, when all of a sudden I could see the string gliding in the opposite direction, (whilst my brother was holding it!!) it began sliding around the floor almost as if it was ambling through the sky.

In that moment, a rush of distress had befallen me and in the next, I was chasing my brother around the spacious park with a murderous look on my face, but then I realised I could take his for compensation (and break it)!! A strong surging wind soon paid put to my plan, it simply whished the colourful kite into the atmosphere; the colourful sky dazzled us all so much I was spellbound for what seemed ages..

Overall this experience was exhilarating and compensateful, one never to forget, careless brother or not.


Lesson evaluation: I loved this lesson as it was challenging finding the right words to express my anger towards my brother.

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