Thursday, 8 March 2012

Princess Iyomon's Market Activities

Task: Imagine you are the Market Ikeki, design a poster to inform people about an important upcoming event.
Boys and girls are you under the age of 15?
Then get ready to fill your stomach with red and green juicy mangoes on August 23rd at Ikeki Market.
There will be a competition to see who can eat the most mangoes in 10 minutes.
To be a winner, make sure you do not eat before the event as you will be full and would not be able to finish all your mangoes or you could get very sick.
First prize: If you come first you will win 5 bags of coniine shells plus 50 gold coins
Second prize: If you come second you will win 10 gold coins worth of dried meat, bush meat and fish
Third prize: If you come third you will win 10 bags of a bundle of red yam
For more information call the Ikeki on 0793398101 or email him at
Twitter: Oba@twiz
Facebook: IkekiMarket
Task 3: What different jobs can you identify in Iyomon's market.                      
Market day
Question: What different jobs can you identify in Iyomon’s market. 
1.     Allocating spaces for pitches and stalls on a first come first served bases to all traders.
2.     Keep everyone up to date with latest information from the palace.
3.     Provide Edo citizens with information about major events like vaccination and inoculation.
4.     Ensure health and safety of all during market time.
5.     Keep an eye on children getting lost
6.     Make sure that all the traders keep the market place clean and tidy and clean up after themselves after trading.
7.     Investigate any strange faces and ask them their intentions in the market, report to the king and chiefs about any suspicious people.
8.     Keep law and order in the market, make sure there is no fighting or they will be fined.
9.     Give information to the king and palace chiefs on important developments in the market.
10.                        Be the king’s eye in the market.
11.                        Make sure everyone is cheerful and happy.

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